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 Gabriela Gimena Herrera 


 Tomas Fernando Galván 


Champions and finalists of various world championships in Tango Salon and Choreography in the resent years.


In Chicago May 18th - 23rd 2016

Workshops, classes, exibitions!


Back to popular demand,

Gimena and Tomas

bring another fresh wave of Argentine Tango air

from Buenos Aires!


Friday, May 20

Saturday, May 21

Sunday, May 22




Tomas and Gimena met on a hot, summer night. It was at a place called La Casa, a tango space, filled with fresh air, full of art and culture. 

Since then, their lives became linked to art.

In the first years, they competed in various dance competitions, taking top positions or becoming sub ​​champions. Some of the most important included winning the Pre- cosquín 2004, 2005, 2006 sub-venue Catamarca. 


They also participated in a television program “Telemanías”, of Channel 12 in Córdoba in 2006, and danced for the renowned conductor and actress, Susana Giménez, in her program issued by TELEFE. 

Their constant quest to expand their art and knowledge encouraged ​​them to go live in Buenos Aires, where they mastered different dance techniques, and worked for prestigious tango houses: Boca Tango, Piazzolla Tango, Taconeando. It was at this time that they were able be sub-metropolitan champions of salon tango and the third place of milonga in the city of Buenos Aires. .  

A significant fact in their careers was the “Tangueros del Sur”, a tango company directed by the prestigious tango dancer, Natalia Hills, in which Gimena and Tomas were part of since 2010. They danced in the most important festivals of the world and the USA, like Vail International Dance, Jacob's Pillows (where Jacob was honored by President Barack Obama with the American Medal of Art), Tamaulipas International Festival, and International Festival of Israel. They toured the countries of Spain, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Israel, Spain, and Italy, dancing, promoting and teaching them Argentine Tango.


In 2013, this professional couple joined the company "Tango Macho", which toured 46 cities in Italy, and showcased their art in the most prestigious theaters in this Mediterranean country.


In March 2013, they were the teachers of salon tango of the champions of tango in the United Sates, who represented their country in WORLD TANGO 2013.


Separate chapter is MALEVAJE TANGO , Company created and directed by Tomas and Gimena in the year 2007 which has the distinction of having each choreography as a story fusing dance with theater.

Its show “Tango de raza” won popular awards.

Tomas and Gimena took part in numerous charity events including shows and free instructions for young talented dancers.

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