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Sebastian Acosta


Laura D'anna


Champion of Tango Salon at the World Championship 2014


Masters of Tango

First time in Chicago!


June 1-5 2017

Workshops, classes, exibitions!

Look them up on youtube!

Workshops schedule

Thursday, June 1st @ Candace Dance Studio 4901 N. Elston Ave, Chicago IL

WS1 – 8:00 PM Giros and Contragiros. All levels. 

WS2 – 9:00 PM Sacadas. All levels. 


Saturday, June 3nd @ Dance Center Chicago 3868 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL
Premilonga class – 9:00 PM Vaivenes y Corridas. All levels. 

Sunday, June 4th @ Candace Dance Studio 4901 N. Elston Ave, Chicago IL
WS3 – 4:00 PM Enrosques. Intermediate/Advanced.
WS4 – 5:00 PM Voleos y Patadas. Intermediate/Advanced.

Please, register in advance to reserve your spot!


Service fee added for credit card transactions.

Single workshop at the door $30 pp
Two workshops same day $50 pp

Saturday workshop + Los Besos Milonguita $25 pp

4 workshops + Premilonga class + Los Besos Milonguita  $115 pp
Private classes – please contact us in advance to schedule.

Mini Private session will be available during Los Besos Milonguita.

Please contact us to book your spot!

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