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They are back!

Tomas Galvan


Gimena Herrera

We are delighted to be able

to host this amazing couple

in our city again!
You know this amazing Tango couple by their

phenomenal performances,
many participated in workshops and took private classes,
high professionalism in teaching and performing,
great essential technique for social Tango dancing.


July 12th - 17th 2017

Workshops, classes, exhibitions.


Special: Intermediate/advanced bootcamp!


Workshops schedule:

Expect to receive a lot of valuable technique material at each class.
Figures and sequences are given as practical examples.

Friday, May 20th, Intensive Improvisation Lab
Saturday, May 21st, Intensive Improvisation Lab
Sunday, May 22nd, All levels workshop

Special Seminar: Intensive Improvisation Lab.
Sharpen your mechanisms of sensitivity and movement in couples
in Tango from the conceptual way to explore different possibilities
and feelings in your dancing.
This workshop series is for intermediate/advanced level and will be
limited to 8 couples.


Friday, May 20th , (2 hours) 8:00 PM - 10 PM

@ Candace dance studio: 4901 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

We will be working on:
* Differences between perception and sensitivity.
* An embrace, hundred ways of feeling.
* Diversity of dynamic movement and action.


Saturday, May 21st, (2 hours) 4:00 PM - 6 PM

@ Candace dance studio: 4901 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

Topic: Emotions and smoothness of the pause

We will be working on:
*Ganchos - and variations
*Sacadas - and Variations

Pre-registration is essential.
Call 847-409-4513 or write to
to purchase/register in advance:
2 hours Friday or Saturday workshop $45 p/p or $80 p/ couple
4 hours Friday and Saturday workshop $80 p/p $140 per couple or
$50 at the door per person for a 2-hour workshop


Workshop. 3 hours of Tango, Vals and Milonga
for all level dancers

Sunday, May 22nd,  4:00 PM

@ Candace dance studio: 4901 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

4 PM - Tango - Dancing Rythm vs Melody technique & sequences
5 PM - Vals - Combinations and dynamics
6 PM - Milonga - Focus on Rythm - combinations
3 hours - $40 p/p
2 hours - $30 p/p
1 hour - $20 p/p


Private classes are available.



Please contact us!

See you soon!

Ellen and Oleg

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