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Veronica Vazquez y

Damian Mechura


Finalists of Tango la Pista at the World Championship 2016


Masters of Tango

First time in Chicago!


March 7th- 13th 2017

Workshops, classes, exibitions!

Look them up on youtube!

  • Veronica: Since 1999 trained in tango by attending classes and workshops with different masters such as Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Nito and Elba, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Carlos Gavito and Maria Plazzaola. And later on trained with Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Silvio La Via, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games.

  • Damian: The eagerness to learn the roots of tango led him to Carlos Perez, who has become one of the strongest influences on his dancing. Damian then continued to train with other masters: Pancho Martinez Pey, Ruben y Sabrina Veliz, Gabriel Angio y Natalia Games.

Workshops schedule

Wednesday, March 8th @ Candace Dance Studio 4901 N. Elston Ave, Chicago IL

WS1 – 8:00 PM Technique: body preparation, biomechanics of movement for dancers. All levels. 

WS2 – 9:00 PM Technique: footwork, walking, balancing, planeos and more. All levels. 


Friday, March 10th @ Candace Dance Studio 4901 N. Elston Ave, Chicago IL
WS3 – 8:30 PM Paradas: connection and improvisation. Intermediate.
WS4 – 9:30 PM Sequences with Voleos Milongueros. Intermediate/Advanced.

Saturday, March 11th @ Dance Center Chicago 3868 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL
WS5 – 9:00 PM Musicality challenge. All levels. 

Sunday, March 12th @ Almagro Studio 4809 N. Ravenswood Ave
Suite 117, Chicago IL
WS6 – 4:00 PM Planeos and Enrosques for both roles. Intermediate.
WS7 – 5:00 PM Sequences with enrosque for Tango and Vals interpretation. Intermediate/Advanced.
            6:00 PM Un Café con profesores Practica with the twist.

Please, register in advance to reserve your spot!


Service fee added for credit card transactions.

Single workshop at the door $30 pp
Two workshops same day $55 pp

Saturday workshop + Los Besos Milonguita $35 pp
Sunday workshops + 2 hrs practica $60 pp
Practica - Encuentro $20 pp
7 workshops + Los Besos Milonguita $160 pp ($300 for couple)

Private classes – please contact us in advance to schedule.

Please contact us to book your spot!

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