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in Greater Philladelphia

Lena and Oleg Mashkovich

The Tango Design Co. is a result of our efforts and dedication to the

Tango of Buenos Aires, folklore, and culture of Argentina.

Tango is our passion. Tango is our refuge. Tango is our art.


Who we are: Lena and Oleg Mashkovich – Tango Dancers, performers and teachers.

WE are milonga hosts and tango djs with 17 years of experience of hosting and dj.

Directors of Tango Design Argentine Tango School based in Greater Philadelphia, PA

We form our company and production Tango Design Co and Argentine Tango school where we offer

  • Learning experience and preparation couples for social dancing at the milonga by teaching tango salon. We teach codes, musicality, technique for leaders and followers, couples tuning, improvisation and sequences.

  • “Imperial tango show” with participation of visiting artists in a different venue

  • Dinner and Tango shows, our signature Milonga for 17 years “Los Besos Milonguita” – "mas portena en Chicago recently moved to Greater Philadelphia area in May 2023"

  • Organizers and directors of “Live Art Tango Fair” with visiting artists, dance companies and Orchestras

  • “Sidewalks of Buenos Aires” - Video Series of Culture and Art of Argentina connected to Buenos Aires Tango, music, poetry, and dancers, including architecture, history, people.

  • “Winter Tango Escape” - Annual Tango Tour to Buenos Aires and Provinces since 2014


More than 20 years of dancing, continuous studying and exploring.

Learning old and new, and forming our own dance style-signature and unique teaching strategy.

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Since year 2000

We went through learning a few different styles of movement and communication, absorbing the information from many teachers and social dancers, traveling for that specifically to Buenos Aires and bringing them to Chicago.

We proudly participated in the prestigious USA official Argentine Tango Competitions during years 2015-2017, always becoming finalists,

and recently taking a second place in the Dutch Open 2021 Competition.

Ellen is a member of the International Dance Council (CID) of UNESCO, officially acknowledged as dancer and teacher internationally, and allowed to provide an International Certification of Dance Studies to her students.


Inspired and influenced by our Maestros and coaches, friends and artists:

  • Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juarez (Corporacion Tango)

  • Geraldina Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi (Tangomatter)

  • Maria Silvia Mucci and Alfredo Alonso (Los Alonso)

  • Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera (Tango Malevaje)

  • Yesica Esquivel and Ariel Leguizamon.


WE dance socially and perform on stage. The information, videos material and media you can find on our website: our youtube channel Oleg Lena Mashkovich


Tango Design Co. Is a school of Argentine Tango salon, where we teach Tango with respect to the authentic roots of this unique culture. We follow old tradition, and explore new technique and flavors, combining them and giving the resulting style our own personality.


Our company hosts visiting instructors and artists on the regular basis, giving local and visiting dancers an opportunity to study and improve continuously.


We speak English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and tango.


Oleg Lena Mashkovich

Los Besos Milonguita

Tango design Co with Lena and Oleg

WhatsApp +18474094513

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