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Los Besos Milonguita was launched on January 24, 2004 in a small hair salon in Chicago and became the most popular and respected traditional milonga in the Chicago area for 20 good years!
In the spring of 2023 we moved to 
Pennsylvania with our milonga.
Our Los Besos Milonguita will continue its journey as traditional milonga on the main line.
In Greater Philadelphia
Los Besos Milonguita on The Main Line - Every First Saturday of each month

July 6th 2024
Premilonga class at 7:00 PM
Milonga starts at 8:00 PM
Traditional, classy, BYOB, elegant attire with seating arrangement and  cabeseo.

Please, contact us to reserve the table.
phone: +1 847-409-4513

Pivot Ballroom studio on the main line
49 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA 19460
Lena is an experienced traditional tango DJ, who has been playing tango music for over 15 years. Her extensive knowledge of the genre and its history brings a unique flavor to any event, from private parties to large shows. With her passion and enthusiasm for the music, Lena (Chispita)
delivers an unforgettable tango experience.

Tango Design Corp.   847-409-4513

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