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For those who wants to visit Majetic City and explore Tango in Buenos Aires in 2024


May 2024
August 2024
ecember 2024

Your guides:

Lena and Oleg Mashkovich

offer you their guidance off the beaten path in the world capital of Tango during your stay.

They are experienced Buenos Aires travelers and Tango dancers, visited Buenos Aires many times,

danced at many milongas and studied with local experienced and highly professional instructors of Tango.

Lena and Oleg take small groups of dancers to exclusive private tours to Buenos Aires every year since 2012 and each of their guests were very happy with the time spent on this adventure :)

They know all "when"s, "where"s and "how"s about this magical world Tango capital and are ready to share their experience with you!


Included in the Tour package:

· we will introduce to you Buenos Aires and provinces culture, will show majestic city's hidden spots and non-touristy sites...;

· visit museums and theaters;

· Tango classes with best teachers;

· Nightly milongas;

· Accomodations - an apartment in the safe, convenient and beautiful area of the city for the term of the tour;

· Assistants for classes (and optional dance partners for milongas) - skilled friendly local dancers;

· Local public transportation.


Not included in the cost (will help you arrange):

Airfare, travel insurance,

Airport Transfer, city taxi,

Classes beyond the original curriculum,

most meals in Buenos Aires

Lena and Oleg will be with you for the duration of the tour to provide guidance and support.

They will help arrange assistance and transit from/to the BA airport,

will work with a local tour guide, dance assistants,

will provide and follow up with the daily schedule for optimal use of time.

Optional visits (for extra charge/time):

· Montevideo (Uruguay) 2 days,

· Bariloche (Argentina) 3 days,

· Iguazu Falls (Argentina) 2-3 days,

· Tigre and Parana (Argentina) 1-2 days.

Please contact us for more details:


    ***There will be a meeting set up prior to the trip where we can share detailed

information with you and answer your questions.

You will have the opportunity to meet other members of the group and introduce yourself.

The size of the group is limited. 

To book accommodation, please reserve your spot as early as possible.

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