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 Welcome One of the Best Tango Performers!

Agustin Fuertes y

Ariel Varnerin

It's going to be a Tango Eruption in Chicago!


August 26th- 28th 2016

Concerts, Workshop,

playing live for dancers at the milonga!


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Tango Design proudly presents this amazing duet!

In 10 years of working together, the Fuertes Varnerin Duo has managed to make its way into milongas and Tango festivals in Buenos Aires and the world with a different approach.

Mixing acting and music, they captivate the audience that listens, laughs and dances every time they perform. Singing romantic tangos, like Sueño Azul, or waltzes in an incredible speed, like Flores del Alma, they can suddenly surprise us with a waltz version of the song the KKK by The Ramones or a swing version of Clandestino, by Manu Chao.

These little men dressed as detectives from the fifties, accompanied by their guitars, have participated in the last few years in the most important Tango events in Buenos Aires, such as CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino - Director: Marcelo Salas) and the Misterio Festival.

They have been touring around Europe for the past two years, performing in Tango festivals in Berlin, Firenze and Rome, and in the most important milongas in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, France and Austria.

“In my opinion the duet fills a void, an approximation of the genre that seemed lost. Duo FV brings it back to life, and brings it back to life in the best possible way because on the one hand it reinterprets it in a traditional and respectful way, and on the other in a more irreverent and satyrical way, but it's always refreshing. There is room for a less solemn kind of tango, and it's empty, and the duet represents the least solemn aspects of tango which can also be serious without necessarily being solemn, but fun. “
(Ignacio Varchausky | Artistic Producer)​

AGUSTIN FUERTES | voice & guitarrón
ARIEL VARNERIN | voice & guitarra
with concerts, Musicality workshop,
Brunch with exhibitions and Tango for listeners and dancers.


2 HOURS (practice to the live music!)
Saturday, August 27 at 4 PM at Candace Dance Studio
4901 N.Elston Ave, Chicago IL

Reserve your spot at the workshop: 


Sunday, August 28
4 PM - 8 PM
Barba Yianni Greek Tavern

Live music by amazing Duo Fuertes Varnerin

Dance performances by:

Somer and Jesica

Jonathan and Valentina

Ellen and Oleg
$25 (Delicious buffet between 4 and 5 pm and soft drinks are included)

Reserve your Tango Brunch: 


Questions, please, call or email 
Tango Design Co

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