Live Art Tango Fair (Chicago Tango Salon Festival)  2020

Sat, Mar 07


Dance Center Chicago

Live Art Tango Fair (Chicago Tango Salon Festival) 2020

Live Art Tango Fair 2020 with: Live music by Orquesta Tipica La Juan D'arienzo, Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti, Guillermo Salvat and Miriam Lea, Oleg and Lena Mashkovich.

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Time & Location

Mar 07, 2020, 2:00 PM – Mar 09, 2020, 6:00 PM

Dance Center Chicago, 3868 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL

About The Event

Live Art Tango Fair 2020 with:

Orquesta Tipica La Juan D'arienzo

And world class Tango dancers:

Daniel Juarez, Alejandra Armenti

Guillermo Salvat and Miriam Lea

Oleg and Lena Mashkovich

An exciting weekend with the best of Argentine Tango in the world!

The orchestra La Juan D'arienzo -

does not need a special introduction - we all know them by now.

The memory of them playing in Chicago still feels fresh, although it has been almost a year since they 

played for tango dancers in our city in March 2019. The experience was overwhelming!

They are coming back to play two full sets at the Los Besos Milonguita during the Live Art Tango Fair 2020!

This time two famous Arghentine Tango couples will participate in this event, along with the young highly talented dancer Valentin Juarez and a couple you know from Chicago - Ellen and Oleg Mashkovich.

 Orquesta Tipica La Juan D'arienzo 

Daniel Juarez, Alejandra Armenti – 

Renowned for their unique combination of classical technique of movement with strong following the traditional Argentine Tango accented by the unparalleled taste in musicality and expressiveness. Often they are called the masters of precision for their impeccable style of walking and clean turns. They learned Tango since childhood, took the essence of this dance and culture from old milonguero maestros like Ester and Mingo Pugliese, solidified this knowledge with the formal education in dancing and perfected their elegant style at local milongas in Buenos Aires as well as on stage.

Shows produced entirely by Daniel and Alejandra won hearts of Tango lovers in Argentina and in many countries around the world. This lovely couple is often invited to represent Argentine culture at official events organized by the Argentine government, to judge the World Championship in Buenos Aires and many other events.

 Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti 

Guillermo Salvat -

 A professional Tango performer since 1999, Guillermo Salvat joined the cast of the show Una Noche de Tango in Buenos Aires in 2001. Since then he has performed and taught in over 30 countries in the five continents. He has been part of prestigious companies such as Tangox2 and Solo Tango, and has participated as guest star in shows like Tango & Fire, Piazzolla Puro, Soñando Tangos (Italy), and as choreographer in Estampas Porteñas (Australia and New Zealand), Magia de Tango (Colombia) and Masters of Tango (USA). He has performed in the Sydney Opera House, the Kremlin Theatre in Moscow, the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome, the Canecaô in Rio de Janeiro and the Luna Park in Buenos Aires, as well as at the most prestigious tango show in Buenos Aires, Esquina Carlos Gardel and Rojo Tango. He represented Argentina at the World Expos in 2000 Hanover, 2005 Aichi and 2010 Shanghai. 

In 2006 he founded his own company and released the show Tango-A-Tierra. This has been presented so far in Buenos Aires, South Africa, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Chile and Brazil, and in 40 cities in four continents, with extraordinary success. 

Miriam Lea - 

Miriam has many years of performing professionally with masters in Folklore and Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires and abroad. Having begun dance training at the tender age of four, her talents were quickly recognized, and after time took her into the National Tours in Argentina, presentations for government organizations, universities, venues in the United States and Argentina, as well as sharing the stages with the renowned stars of Tango and the arts.

Miriam has had the pleasure being principle dancers in several companies. Her performances reflect the soul of the Argentine countryside while Tango style ignites the stage with the passion and intensity of Buenos Aires. She has lots of passion for dancing, incorporating new ideas into traditional dancing.  While working with many other working dancers, Miriam is inspired to find new methods in teaching others and continue to push boundaries in Tango as expression and preserving its traditions and culture for future generations.

Miriam Lea

Lena and Oleg Mashkovich - 

Discovered the dance of traditional Argentine Tango 20 years ago, and since year 2000 constantly continue educating themselves in its history, culture and technique, over the years developing and perfecting their own style taking in the training and information that many Tango maestros they took classes with could offer.

Lena and Oleg teach in Chicago and at events around USA since year 2004, inspiring a new generation of Argentine Tango dancers, helping students improve their confidence through understanding better the movement within the dance, the control of their own bodies, connection between partners and to the music. 

With their deep knowledge of the history, culture and great experience in Tango dancing Lena and Oleg offer a great deal of advice to dancers of different levels.

Lena and Oleg Mashkovich

The Art Fair will begin on Friday, March 6th with the IMPERIAL TANGO SHOW at the ARTANGO steakhouse by the participating guest dancers. Here you can enjoy the performance along with having a nice Argentine style dinner.

The show will start around 8:30 PM pm.

4767 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625 

Almagro Tango Milonga with Guest performance starts at 10 PM (Complimentary with your registration at the LATF).

4809 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640 

Saturday, March 7th 2020

Tango dance workshops:

WS#1 at 2:00 PM -  What is Tango - FUNDAMENTALS, STYLING, MOVEMENT - ALL LEVELS including Beginners with Lena and Oleg 

WS#2 at 3:00 PM -  The quest for a Universal molinete technique with Miriam and Guillermo  

WS#3 at 4:00 PM -  Chacarera for the social dance at the milongas with Alejandra and Daniel 

8:00 PM   Premilonga MEGA class taught by three couples Alejandra and Daniel, Miriam and Guillermo and Lena and Oleg 

LOS BESOS MILONGUITA starts at 10:00 PM 





Milonga continues until at least 3 AM 

SUNDAY, March 8 

WS#4 at 2:00 PM -  SA-CA-DA with Miriam and Guillermo 

WS#5 at 3:00 PM -  Enrosques, Rulos, Voleos with Miriam and Guillermo 

WS#6 at 4:00 PM -   ARRASTRES - Alejandra and Daniel 

WS#7 at 5:00 PM -  Figures with embellishments in close embrace with Alejandra and Daniel

LOCATION: Dance Center Chicago 3868 N.Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60613 

See below the dmission cost to the milonga and workshops and the Premium seating

at tables for the milonga. 

Note: There will be plenty of chairs, however number of tables in the room is limited and 

regular admission below does not guarantee seating at a table.

To reserve a table for 4 persons please add the "Premium seating" at checkout

and provide us with the names of each guest at your table.

Regular admission prices (if purchased in advance by February 15th 2020):

Los Besos Milonguita with live music - $60 (includes the entrance to the Friday Almagro milonga)

Premilonga MEGA class + Los Besos Milonguita - $80

Single workshop - $40

Saturday workshops (3) - $100

Saturday pass (3 workshops + MEGA class + milonga) - $160

Sunday workshops (4) - $130

Full pass (7 workshops + MEGA class + milonga) - $265

Premium placement at the milonga (1 table for 4 people) - $60 (additional to the regular admission)

Premium placement itself is not your admission ticket, 

it only reserves a table for 4 PAID admissions and includes a bottle of champagne.





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