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Medical Tourism

Medicinal Esthetic Tour to Buenos Aires

There are a lot of opportunities to achieve the goal you place for feeling better and look much better for 15 or more years ahead.

WE would like to offer you to achieve the goal of prolonging the younger look by esthetic corrections by the professional medical artistry.


Meet the Doctor:
Dr. Juan Carlos Pintos Barbieri

Medical Director of the Pintos Barbieri Surgical Medical Center
Graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.
Title of specialist in Plastic Surgery granted by the Argentine Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Argentine Medical Association.

More then 100000 plastic and reconstructive surgeries among them:

  • Facelift and rhinoplasty

  • Dermolipectomia

  • Tensoplasty

  • Blefaroplasty

  • Inclusions and reparations of breasts

  • Lioisations 

  • lobuloplasty

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